Kalmer ltda.

Imports & Investments

About us

Kalmer is a service provider for European companies. We develop the targeted and long-term market entry of your company to the emerging countries of Latin America: Chile - Peru - Colombia. Our experience and our network combined with your innovative and sustainable technologies and products guarantee your success in Latin America.


Markets and segments

The countries of Chile, Peru and Colombia have experienced an economic boom for many years thanks to the sustained demand from Asia. What they need is sector-specific optimisation processes, innovative solutions for economic growth as well as maintaining the level of prosperity .



You are looking for a reliable partner for doing your business with Chile, Peru and Colombia? Kalmer will be assisting you throughout all the way to Latin America. We act as mediators and provide business partners and end customers offering you customized internationalization of your business in the emerging markets of Latin America.


Latest information

Keep up-to-date: Here you get current information about Latin America: the market developments, Kalmer's activities, interesting tenders and opportunities for investment. Here we collect constantly updated press releases from the international business press.